Hillary Clinton will defend the livelihoods of LIUNA members. No other candidate will do more than she will to protect our jobs, wages, pensions, and healthcare. Hillary knows that when unions are strong, America is strong. She will stand with LIUNA in our fight for economic security and expanded opportunities for LIUNA members and their families.


Take WINNING Photos

We need photos to show LIUNA members are loud, proud, and mobilized for Hillary Clinton. Snap a photo and share it with us via email We may choose your photos to share on the LIUNA for Hillary page or our various social media networks.

Image Guidelines:
  • 1. Remember imaging and branding are IMPORTANT! Take pictures of your LIUNA for Hillary experience: rallying at the caucuses, door knocking, wearing your orange LIUNA for Hillary t-shirts or holding one of our LIUNA for Hillary placards.

  • 2. Save image as a JPEG (Recommended photo size 1200 x 627)

  • 3. Include your name, local union, date and the location you took the photo in the text.

  • 4. Please do not use frames, borders or collages on images sent

On twitter? Tag #LIUNA and #LIUNAforHillary


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